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Lucihormetica species
I thought I'd start things off by sharing my knowledge of one of my favorite cockroaches, lucihormetica subsincta aka glow spot roaches, as well as a few others from the lucihormetica species. Google the latin names if you want to see images of them! They're beautiful <3

Random Subcincta Info:
- These roaches exhibit a high level of parental care to their young, once they finally breed.
- They typically sell for $14 per nymph on most of the invert hobbyist sites which may actually carry them.
- They are a very slow-maturing, slow-breeding species (perhaps this is why they sell for so much).

Subcincta Care:
Lucihormetica subcincta are a hardy species which loves to burrow, so 10 cm or so of substrate is good for them. 70-85 F is a good temp and one side of their enclosure should always be kept somewhat damp. They enjoy dead leaves (oak leaves are a plus) to snack on, and some pellet food occasionally, and really like various fruits and firm veggies like apple, carrot, zucchini or other squashes, etc. Avoid lettuce, celery, and other "watery" things like those. 

These roaches do not actually have glowing spots, however the species lucihormetica fenestrata from Brazil, which is the only species that has been observed to be the first orthopteroid insect genus ever reported as possessing organs of illumination. This doesn't happen in captivity, however... though it is currently unknown how the bioluminescence is produced, one suggestion is that the spongy material inside the tubercles harbours bioluminescent fungi or bacteria which the cockroach may acquire from the rotting wood in which it lives. These organisms would be missing in captivity. However, with l. subcincta, it is possible to change the color of their yellow spots to orange by feeding them a diet high in beta-carotene.

Also, welcome to our first 5 members! I hope you stick around and share some posts here yourself <3


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